The Highwayman Inn
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The Bars

The Bars

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Gothic arches, a wooden door from a whaler, a serpent and a myriad of antiques and curiosities make a visit to The Highwayman like a journey into the realms of fantasy.


The Locker Bar SerpentThe Rita Jones Locker bar boasts a 'natural' piece of wood in the fashion of a huge dragon/serpent that was dragged from a bog on Dartmoor.

    The Rita Jones Locker BarThe Locker bar has been created to look like you're in the boughs of an old wooden ship. Upstairs the theme is continued with cabin accommodation.
The Lounge Bar With The Snug, Grotto And HideawayExposed beams and the general ambience of the lounge bar create a wonderful backdrop for a long cool local Cider.     The Hideaway. Part of the Lounge BarStep down from the Lounge bar into the Hideaway; an ideal place to take in all the mystery you will have seen in the other bars.
One of the Snug areas of the Lounge Bar is also the setting for music and poetry nights.Settle down in the Snug bar for a chat with the friendly staff and fellow visitors. (Maybe Samuel will drop in!)   The Public Bar. A great place to meet new friends and join in with some interesting and unusual conversation.From the nooks and crannies of the public bar follow the secret passage to the Locker Bar