Many people have claimed to feel a presence at The Highwayman Inn. 

One common sighting is of a man dressed in green with a feather in his hat. He has been seen walking through a wall which used to be a route to an adjoining stable block. 

At an impromptu seance one foggy November night a medium claimed to be in contact with a man named Samuel. 

Very strange, that several months earlier, an eight year old girl said she had been having long conversations with an oddly dressed man called Sam and that he had a feather in his hat! 

The Clairvoyant also said that Sam died at 36, that he couldn’t leave the inn and that he had been in a battle.There was an historic battle between The Roundheads (Sourton) and Cavaliers (Bridestowe). 
Samuel may well have fled the scene to the inn in order to retrieve his mount and make his escape.  EVIDENCE ABOUNDS 
Taken from Jason Karl’s book “Great Ghost Hunt” 

ISBN 1-84330-735-9 New Holland Publishers 

There are other ghosts at The Highwayman too: a licentious woman in a mop cap, a man identified by a medium as Joseph who sits at the bar and a sea captain named Grenville. There is also another figure in a dark coat who came into the pub one day in 2002, causing the doorbell to ring as he entered, but he then walked into one of the bars and disappeared. 

Video footage taken in the Galleon Room (The Locker Bar) has captured orbs coming out of the door of the shipwreck of The Diana, which went down in 1817, taking 16 souls with it. 

Photographs have shown anomalous images and seances have produced evidence of contact with the spirits of those that haunt this strange building, as well as suggestions of buried treasure on the site. there are also first-hand testimonies from countless witnesses who have seen and felt strange things at the inn and at Cobweb Hall across the road, which was originally Sourton’s Victorian church hall but is now part of the inn and let out as a holiday home. 

Here in the magical interiors of The Highwayman, nothing else seems to exist. It’s as if there’s no world outside, as if all that matters is in there with you, from times past to times present. The Highwayman Inn is undoubtedly the most haunted inn in Britain.